Our adults program consist of our Fundamental Self-Defense Techniques, created by Gracie Jiujitsu Self-Defense Founder, Grand master Helio Gracie. The program has 27 Lessons, with each lesson having 3-4 techniques per lesson. A new student with no Jiujitsu training will go through the fundamentals cycle at least twice before he or she can move on to our more advanced classes.

In our Advanced Classes, our academy prides itself on being an academy that practices all submissions. Our Advanced Classes cover all submissions including footlocks, Heel Hooks, Knee Reaping, Armbars, Neck Cranks, Twister, Rubber Guard etc. We have created a system of techniques that will work with Gi and No Gi under any scenario of training, whether Sport training, MMA, and or actual Street Self Defense.

Additional Adult Programs:

  • No Gi Classes

  • Advanced Gi Techniques

  • Takedowns Class(Wrestling & Judo Takedowns)

  • MMA Fight Training

  • Weapons Class