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Hello and welcome to the Trillo Jiujitsu Academy, and Team Tom DeBass official South Florida Association, under Professor Tom DeBlass. Here at Trillo Jiujitsu Academy, you will learn how to defend yourself in the true aspect of Brazilian(Gracie Jiujitsu). Jiujitsu is a proven street fight self-defense that covers all aspects of a fight, Punching and Kicking, Takedowns and Ground Fighting.

Our system works for ANYONE – in shape, out-of-shape, overweight, tall, thin, old, young….
Jiujitsu is more than a self-defense, it is a lifestyle of positive living. If you like a clean environment, professional staff, top technical instruction, and value a family first approach, then Trillo Jiujitsu Academy is what you are looking for!



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A complete Self Defense Academy with After Care

and Summer Camp All Under A Single Roof!